Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A thought about a Coup De Comb-over

Just a thought:

Usually an incoming President brings along people from his past political life to staff up the White House. Trump has no political background, no group of advisors with political experience he can tap from his 70 years of life on the planet who are loyal to him.

But ah, the Vice President... The one who served in the House and forged tight friendships with Paul Ryan and others in the House Leadership structure. The one who has a solid long-standing strong relationship with Mitch McConnell. The one who is the darling of the traditional GOP establishment and who has street cred with the Tea Party faction of the GOP.

The one who emerged from a pack of contenders who oddly melted away to become the nominee's running mate.

The one who pushed Chris Christie out from running the transition team and stepped in to vet, court and select all of the Cabinet nominees.

The one who selected the wife of the Senate majority leader to serve in the Cabinet (in the line of succession) and who appears to have placed party loyalists into posts that allow them to control the access to the White House, and the messages it sends out. Like Reince Priebus. Like Sean Spicer.

So who in his administration is loyal to Trump? His son-in-law is his only advisor who owes his power and position solely to The Donald. Bannon? Conway? All they are: "special advisors." They have no Constitutional authority! And the latter two's loyalty is certainly suspect, as they have their own ties to the GOP establishment. The few in the White House who are loyal to Trump are outweighed by those who owe their power and position to...Vice President Mike Pence and the GOP establishment.

So what if, after a short time, when Trump goes off the rails, when he deviates from the Party desires, when he says no to what they want, when he gets sued, or returns to his pussy grabbing ways, or when he becomes too much of a liability, the GOP leadership can easily stage a democratic coup. Trump gets impeached and removed, and in his place:

President Mike Pence.

Just something to think about as you ponder our on-going transition to a full fledged Banana Republic...

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