Sunday, December 6, 2015

Meaningless Star Wars speculation

Yes, I'm excited for the new movie!

No, I have no inside track into JJ Abrams' mindset.

No, I'm not stalking the interwebs for every leak, spoiler and shred of info. I want to be surprised by the movie itself.

But I am seeing what is in the mainstream media, and that's fueling some internal speculation that I'll share for kicks...Herewith are my observations:

1) Mark Hamill is completely absent from the pre-film publicity. Not doing the morning talkshows, not on late night TV, not on podcasts, and only glimpsed (we many other characters have the mechanical hand?) in the teaser and trailer by the campfire with R2D2. And he did the voiceover in the first teaser. He was at the Celebration, but after that....pffft! gone like a drop of water on Tatooine.

2) Antony Daniels is completely absent from the pre-film publicity. Not doing the talkshows, not on late night, not on podcasts, and not in the trailers at all. No C3P0!

So, based on that, here's what that could mean for the film:

Option1) The new movies are no longer about the Skywalker males. The focus isn't on Anakin and Luke's story, and 3P0 (Anakin's creation) and R2D2 (the unsung hero of the two trilogies) and Luke are in the background. Instead, the focus shifts to the new characters. Luke gives Leia a lightsaber, a pep talk to the new guys and bugs out, off to contemplate his navel in retirement by the fire.

Option 2) Luke plays a large and dramatic role in the story, and JJ is being super secretive.  Mark Hamill is tied up in his basement, because if he were to be out talking about the movie, there would be major spoilers being released. Similarly, 3P0's part is one that has a part of the plot that can't be talked about, though I doubt he plays that integral a part to this new story.

Option 3) 3P0 has finally been sent to the spice mines of Kessel...Anthony Daniels is prickly and old and he's just opted out of the publicity tour. But he's also quiet on twitter...and that still doesn't explain why he's a no-show in the teasers and trailers...

Option 4) The original cast drew straws for the publicity, and Carrie Fisher lost, Harrison Ford came in next to last and Mark Hamill won outright. Thus, he gets to relax at home, while they are out and about. There's no significance to his absence; I and other fans just need to get a life.

Personally, I'm hoping for Option 2.  I think it's interesting that the trailers seem to be drawing largely on what seem to be the opening scenes of the movie (clearly introducing the new characters) for the longer portions, and then later parts of the film in the snippets.  So I'm of the mind that Luke plays a pivotal role in the story, either as the hero who saves the day, or, gulp, as a casualty/noble sacrifice in some dramatic showdown. JJ is ballsy, but I don't think he's that ballsy...right?

Option 1 is plausible, and, though I can't imagine a Star Wars movie that isn't about Skywalkers, (it seems unlikely that Leia is the focus) this does open up the film for all new characters, which makes future films sustainable. It would make strategic sense to fade the old generation out, so perhaps Han Solo is playing the guide for the newbies, Leia and Luke will impart wisdom and then stand on the sidelines.  This would dampen my enthusiasm for future films, but I could grow to accept it. I suppose.

See? Meaningless.  But better than trying to puzzle out what the hell the connection is between Star Wars and the Dodge car company.  Seriously, Disney's marketing team is out of control...