Thursday, June 14, 2012

iPads in the classroom--The student perspective part one

There's lots of buzz out there about iPads, going 1:1 and technology in the classroom.  I've just completed a school year of having my students using iPads in my classroom on a damn near daily basis, and I wanted to know what they think this tool was good for. Did it help them? hurt them? make them better students?

Below is the survey I gave to my classes to try and find out.  You should know that the students who completed it are all juniors in high school who completed my AP World History course.  They represent, by and large, the top 20% of students in my school, and include the likely valedictorian and salutatorian.  They are "good" students, in the parlance of my school.  The reliable, the steady, the strong students. I have found them to be thoughtful, clear thinkers, and I value their opinions.  I do not always agree with them, and there are things that they do not know about how they should learn; their training as capital S-students is admittedly poor, and they still have a ways to go. Still, they are the reason why we embarked on this experiment, and their perspective must be heard too.

They are filling out the survey now, so the next entry will be results.

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