Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Are they kidding?

Wow. Now we have reached a new low in legislative history. The senate wing of the republican party votes to extend a tax cut that aligned with their party's values, with the understanding that they will take up the issue again in two months.  They forced Obama, hereafter "jellyspine", to back off another "solidly held principle" about an oil pipeline that he wouldn't approve, and voided a provision that would have taxed the rich to pay for the payroll tax cut, an act that will continue to cause a problem with the later funding of Social Security...Nonetheless, the Senate, in a rare fit of bipartisanship, passes the bill then goes on vacation. (cause they were working so hard, right?)

Then it goes to the House where once again Agent Orange demonstrated that he too has no ability to say no to the junior members of his party, and he sends the bill into conference, knowing that the senate is gone on holiday!! All because he is not willing to actually toe the line with the newest members of Congress in his own party.  I'm actually longing for the days when the GOP fell into line unthinkingly...

And Agent Orange says jellyspine has to call the Democrats back into session, demonstrating his ignorance of the constitutional proceedures...but that isn't new...

So the GOP has to be wondering the same thing I am: who the hell is driving this train?And at what point do we the voters say we've had enough of this crap?

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